smart technology out of box creativity
Cooperate with Client, Maintaining Constant Communication.
Understanding Client's Business and Needs, Problem Solving, and Solution Implementation.
We Provide Your Strategic Business with
Our Creative Solution to Turn BIG IDEAS into
Maximum Result Impact
AquaGenesis is a Web Design & Development, Branding, and Creative Solution based in Jakarta. We create Business Oriented Design for website, branding and advertising.

Our Solution provides Innovative, Attractive, and Professional Result, in which empowering your business to win New Market. Our quality ensures you to have a result with the Maximum Impact.

The Professional Team at AquaGenesis do things as:
  • Problem and Needs Analysis & Understanding
  • Cooperate with Client to create a Effective Solution
  • Smart & Effective Implementation
  • After-Project Support
Do You Know?
Your Design can affect your Branding Image.
Published Design represents your business, company, or product branding image. We put your identity into work, to create Professional and Creative Design.
Ensuring your audience easiness in using your published design comfortably.
Our Service Scope
Web Development Service
Web Development Solution
E-Commerce Solution
Company Profile
Product Catalog
Customized System
Search Engine Optimization
Internet Marketing
Web Full Services
Creative Design Service
Design Consultant
Branding Communication
Corporate Identity
Advertising Photography
Photography Service
Advertising Photography
Business Process Photography
Company Profile Photography
Concept Photography
Interior Photography
Product Branding Photography
Workflow Photography
Internet offers vast and great opportunity in business by providing massive market, and easy way of commerce. It doesn't require physical building to run, while can be reached 24/7.

We regard you our client as unique with its special style and characteristic. Thus, we build solution based on all consideration, resulting in custom solution specifically meeting the needs of our client.

We deliver Professional Design in order to ensure your Brand to have maximum positive image.

Customer and Audience Orientation is one of our emphasize, we put into consideration on how our client's audience will use the website. Audience must feel comfortable in browsing, as well as in visual psychology of each layout element.
We have Graphic Design Team creatively achieving all these targets.

Our Information Technology Team ensures the solution implementation. We always keep our technology updated to accommodate latest innovation to have maximum impact on our client's solution.
Security and Reliability are of our consideration, our solution is developed based on Java Technology, which delivers industrial scope of solution.
Design and Advertising are powerful ways to communicate your quality and product/service to the market.
It is the first thing and initial contact to the audience in the market.

Our Graphic Design Team excels in creating Fluid & Effective Design.
We make Graphical Communication happen smooth and swift, ensuring the audience get and keep our client's message.

Our Design emphasize in comfort and easiness on visual contact, while strongly plant impression into audience.
We put Client's Identity, Quality Branding, Layout Composition, Guided Visual, Color Balance, Visual Psychology in consideration in every of our projects.

We also provide production consideration with our client on media alternatives, to meet up with cost effective result, maximum impact minimum cost.
A single picture talks a thousand words, as people say. Photo represents how your business or image is, by delivering powerful photo your image and branding will increase greatly.

We offer Professional Photography service where photo is not just taken, but rather it is carefully made.
Art and composition are blend to deliver decisive and powerful photo, moreover it communicates the message to the audience. Being impressive, it will take place inside the heart of audience, in which will be remembered acting as a good advertising means.

Our photography project consists of Brainstorming with Client, Object Overview and Analysis, Concept & Consultation, Photoshoot Session, Photo Designing and Digital Imaging, Photo Delivery.
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We Will Serve you Soon
We Will Serve you Soon
We'd love to discuss your ideas, challenges, strategies, opportunity & threat, marketing initiatives, etc.
We will be happy to provide you solution regarding your needs.
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