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GKY Synode
This project challenge is to serve as main official website for all GKY. Meanwhile GKY has around 40 branches, and some of those have their own independent official website.

This website serves as head website, in which posting general news, official publication, and activity documentation, both of GKY itself as well as Christianity in general. Audience is categorized in aspect of age and language, varying from young to senior, and from Bahasa Indonesia to Chinese speaker.

We design this website lively while keeping the professional touch as main website. We keep it simple yet stylish so to ensure the easiness of usage, young to old audience must feel easy in using the website.

While maintaining the color identity of GKY, we keep it flowed so that eye contact won't be heavy thus audience feels comfortable.

Feature List:
  • Publication & Article
  • News & Event
  • Gallery
  • Resource Download & Integration
  • Testimony
  • Tri-Lingual
  • Online Counseling
  • Store Locator: Office & Branch
  • Partner
  • Company Profile
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